Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Trump's Alamo America...............from Rico

America is repeating the Alamo, it's like deja vu...all over again.
- Trump and his Deplorables are inside the crumbling walls, while the 'Progressives' are outside those walls demanding America surrender its gun to them while trying to breach the walls and pour inside with overwhelming numbers.
- The Progressives are furious with the Deplorables, and becoming increasingly enraged at the retort from the American Alamo "Come And Take It."
Everyone was 'with' him.
[Democrats, RINO's, the GOPe, Liberals, Progressives, Moderates*, the MSM, Hollywood, the Halls of Macadamia, and #NeverTrumpers'''polished turds, one and all.]
- Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama was a Communist masquerading as a Democrat, and made his best effort to support the Death Cult of Islam which masquerades as a 'religion'...BOTH aspects (and everything Barry did, for that matter) were intended to diminish, punish, and destroy America as it was designed and intended by the Founding Fathers. 
- Barry 'fucked-up' [read: broke] everything he could manage to. He had an awful lot of help along the way.
One GOOD man.
Everyone is against him.
[Yeah, pretty much the same list of assholes I listed above.]
- Trump isn't masquerading as anything, he's just being himself and doing what he thinks is best for what remains of the American Constitutional Republic...what remains of it...for the remaining American citizens [read: Deplorables]. Don't 'like' or 'approve' of him? Tough shit, he doesn't 'like' or 'approve' of the happy horseshit that's been going on for fr too long...or the active participants and their enablers (as listed ref infra) of all this destructive monkey business. [read: He doesn't want to be their 'friend' because he understands that with friends like that, he doesn't need enemies.] 
-Trump is doing his absolute personal best to 'unfuck' [read: fix] as many things that Barry fucked-up as he can. Almost singlehanded and alone.
The first Alamo is part of the reason the expression "Don't Mess With Texas" is still so widely used.
- Alamo America will leave "Don't Mess With the US" as part of the vernacular for years and generations to come.


Mark Matis said...

And the God damned swill in Texas are going after the Alamo defenders as well:

Please note that it isn't just Austin which is looking to dump their memory, but San Antonio as well. God damn every hive dweller in this country for eternity.

drew458 said...

Everyone at the Alamo died. They lost.

But it was a great wake-up call to everyone else, who then went on to win.