Wednesday 13 March 2019

Venezuela - And it gets worse................from Rico

Think about THIS America before you ever dream of voting Democrat [read: Socialist-Communist] again!
Venezuela, oil-rich and once-upon-a-time THE richest nation in Latin America, embraced Socialism.
- How long did it take? A decade? Not even a generation before the place was a shambles with the economy wrecked and the currency worthless.
Remember when Venezuela 'ran out' of TP?
- Then they 'ran out' of food and rummaged through garbage for something to eat.
Then they 'ran out' of work, and everyone got 5-day weekends, "so, like cool" to quote Communist Congresscritter from NYC Dyslexia Ocrazio-Retardez.
- Then they 'ran out' of electricity and lit candles..
Think about your life with no electricity for a moment.
- No electricity=No water. 
The Socialist Utopia of Venezuela has 'run out' of water, and the people are drinking sewer water.
Think back to that 'ran out' of TP issue now. How long now before they really-really are gonna 'need' some TP?
- But with no water to flush toilets, they'll be reduced to a San Francisco lifestyle and can start shitting in the streets.
Ah, Socialism!!

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