Saturday 16 March 2019

Young Punk Cracks Egg on Head of Australian Senator Who Blamed New Zealand Attack on Muslim Immigration (VIDEO)

See, "Young Punk Cracks Egg on Head of Australia Senator Fraser Anning."

This is all stupid, I'll tell you.

But, the kid deserves a beating. You don't assault someone without expecting to be taken down.

At Chicks on the Right, "VIDEO: Controversial Australian Senator Slaps Teen Across the Face After Stupid Prank Gone Wrong."

Actually, the prank didn't "go wrong." It went exactly as planned, which included the young punk using his smart for to capture the attack on video and perhaps later create a viral video.

Claire Lehman's supposed to some hip conservative intellectual of the dark web, or something. She's a pansy-assed bleeding heart, if her tweets over this incident are any clue.


Mark Matis said...

Next time kill the bastard. You never know what the filthy swill have put in that thing before they hit you with it.

Anonymous said...

This kid sissy boy beta tranny. The Senator should of pummeled his #@! into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Good on him. I would have stomped his nuts as well. Future Green voter.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Lehmann tart? Never heard of her. Could take some lessons in English though.

Anonymous said...

The kid has decided not to take "legal action" against the Senator!!!

No word on whether the kid will be charged.

Alan Joyce, boss of airline QANTAS, had a lemon-meringue cream pie pushed into his face and the perpetrator was fined $3600 AUD.

Don't forget, this is a Senator who was attacked. There should be consequences.

Just noticed in the comment above "Lehmann tart", and I mentioned a lemon tart. Ha Ha.