Wednesday, 3 April 2019

American Politics and Strokin' Joe Biden....................from Rico

Well that didn't take long at all.....
- Just days ago, all the 'polls & pundits' were touting Joe Biden as the leading Democrat challenger to Trump in a 2020 contest.
Somebody in 'the BIG Club' (that American rabble are not 'in') decided they wanted someone else instead.
- Suddenly Joe Biden is 'creepy' and Chester-the-Molester incarnate.
- Of course the feckless and useless MSM fails to point out that the 'usual suspects' conveniently ignored Uncle Joe's corruption and perversion for the entirety of his political career...or that he had earned the title of the dumbest person every to be in Congress (no small feat, considering the competition)!
- And, YES, I actually recalled the attached picture of Joe fondling the knee of a Fat Sheriff [comment: now that's kinky any way you slice it!]
The globalist-progressive Left [read: Democrats, Communists, the politically deranged] which has an uncanny knack for being wrong and/or wrongheaded about everything apparently 'thinks' it can do even better with...say, a Nanny Bloomberg, or some other "I know better than all of YOU" Leftard twat. [think: Dunning-Krueger Effect-when you're too stupid to realize you're stupid]
American politics today: Don't bother sticking a fork in it, it's obviously 'done' at this point.

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edutcher said...

The funny part was that a lot of the trolls never got the word and rushed to defend him.

Now, we have a counter movement by the Establishment on the order of "It's just (sex) Joe being a swell guy" (remember Monica?).

again, they're pulling themselves in 2 different directions.