Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Repatriation, NOT Reparation...................from Rico

Liberia was a GREAT idea, but it sadly was never pursued to its full potential.
- Now the toothpaste is out of the tube, and it's never going back in...not as long as the Party of Racism [read: Democrats (C)] can still exploit 'black' Americans for their own fun, power, and profit.
To argue in favor of 'white' Americans (who had NO connection to slavery, but whose forebears ended slavery) paying 'reparations' to 'black' Americans who never were slaves (but whose forebears were sold into slavery by Muslims, who bought them from 'black' Africans) is not merely absurd folly, but ignores that the FIRST American slave-owner was 'black' (among other inconvenient historical facts).
The Democratic position supporting paying 'reparations' is just another of their 'shakedown scams' and efforts at criminal extortion under the false flag of Social Justice [read: mordida].
- No. Say again NO. Because they are too low IQ to understand the concept, once more FUCK NO.
But, just as much as I oppose this ridiculous and farcical scheme...I fully support 'repatriation!'
- Yeah, racissss 'white' America is such an oppressive, evil, capitalist, nasty place to live...and you hate it so very much here...why not start a 'go fund me' to repatriate your anti-white racist Communist asses back to Africa where you can live in harmony with your kinfolk?
- I'm sure the paradise-on-earth locales such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe will welcome your mass 'migration' with open arms. The more 'diversity' the merrier, right?
Then there could truly be societal harmony and justice on both ends of this equation.
- Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and all the other current American shit holes can be restored to their former glory days as nice places to live....while all y'awl can 'contribute' to making Africa into a better place.


pkerot said...

The man in Louisiana who owned the most slaves was black. Why do I have to pay reparations when my ancestors came to America AFTER slavery ended?

Anonymous said...

Another overlooked point is that the court that made that ruling was BRITISH since the United States had not been created yet.