Wednesday 29 May 2019

Conservatives and Marxists Singing from The Same Hymn Sheet.................from Dan T

Watching the choreographed jousting by the politicians in Westminster one would think that the ideological divide between the supposedly capitalist Conservative Party on one side and Marxist Labour Party on the other was too wide to be bridged.

Spin and deception over honesty and substance is now the norm in politics as the ruling elite try to hoodwink the electorate in order to impose their agenda.  

One must ignore the spin, the speeches and the rhetoric and pay attention the policy details of both parties to see they share a common agenda.

Although they claim otherwise the Conservative Party has long since abandoned capitalism, individual liberty and small government as a means of increasing the wealth of the nation to bring prosperity to its citizens. Instead they have become a party of social justice and government-imposed equality and fairness like their supposed ideological enemies.

If the gaggle of candidates jostling to replace the appalling Theresa May are anything to go by the British people are doomed to a future of high taxes, high spending and big government in a country crushed by rigidly policed political correctness.

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