Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Hate Speech - Police Interfere in an Election Campaign...............from Dan T

The intervention of a senior police officer into the European elections should be a great cause for concern for everyone who cherishes liberty, democracy and the inalienable rights endowed upon them by their Creator.

Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Hamilton, pictured above, has taken it upon himself to warn candidates to watch what they say during the European election campaign to avoid stoking racial hatred.

During an election campaign his duties as a police officer are to make sure the candidates are able to make their arguments in any way they choose without intimidation, physical or otherwise, and not advise them what they can and cannot say or the manner in which can they say it.

Outwardly Mr. Hamilton masquerades as a police officer but his comments and his job title reveal that he is an active political operative with an agenda to impose.

Assistant Chief Constable Hamilton is the National Police Chiefs Council Lead for hate crimes which is a political role if ever there was one. His job is not serving and protecting the public by applying the law equally and without favour but to impose the governments progressive agenda by rigidly policing political correctness depending on which community is involved.

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Leonard Jones said...

Holy crap, the Brits are copying Obama, Hillary, the Democrat
party, and the liberal media. I always thought that the
Europeans would lead us down this slippery slope, not the
other way around!

Stewart said...

His job is to enforce Sharia.