Wednesday 8 May 2019

Politicians Ignore VE Day But Not The Royal Baby Or Ramadan.........from Dan T

On evening of May 8th 1945 General Alfred Jodl signed the instruments of surrender in Berlin ending World War II and the German thousand-year Reich that lasted barely twelve years.

Known as VE Day or Victory in Europe Day it used to be regarded as a day of joy and celebration but now it is totally ignored by the political class and the establishment.

During Prime Ministers Questions today (Wednesday May 8th) it didn’t even merit a single mention from any of the charlatans that infest the House of Cowards in Westminster.

In what has become a tradition the Prime Minister makes an opening statement prior to the first question and she began, rightly, by making a tribute to Guardsman Mathew Talbot who was killed while helping with anti-poaching efforts in Malawi.

One would have thought that her tribute to Guardsman Talbot would lead to a commemorative statement marking VE Day but as dedicated Europhile Theresa May is no lover of Great Britain or its glorious past.

She followed her tribute to Guardsman Talbot by congratulating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the birth of their Royal baby. Since Prince Harry was a serving soldier in Afghanistan maybe this would lead to a statement commemorating VE Day?

No such luck. Being a globalist, Europhile and dedicated proponent of imposed multi-culturalism, Mrs. May went on to mark the beginning of Ramadan.

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