Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Brink of Doom - Commies Take A Nine Point Lead in Great Britain..............from Dan T

One of the consequences of Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal is the collapse in support for her Conservative Party. If the latest polls are correct the Opposition Labour Party will win a general election handing a life-long communist and visceral anti-Semite the Premiership of Great Britain. (See here)

Jeremy Corbyn, the Member of Parliament for the London constituency of Islington North since 1983, can be characterised by the things he hates.

Being a communist and devotee of Karl Marx, capitalism and individual liberty tops his list followed closely by Great Britain itself.

Although the days of empire and Victorian/Edwardian society are long gone, he still sees Great Britain as a class-based country rife with imperialist and colonialist attitudes. 

He maintains the romantic view as portrayed by Marx and Engels of the working classes being deliberately crushed and wallowing helplessly in their oppression and victimhood.

Ignored by Corbyn, and thanks to capitalism, many of these exploited and oppressed members of the working-class wallow in their victimhood from the beaches of Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

Some even wallow with the kids in Disneyland or on safari in Kenya or even on one of the many luxury cruises on offer by the plethora of high street travel agents and the Internet.

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Mr. Bee said...

I suspect there's going to be a whole new source of refugees soon, those from Great Britain.