Monday 17 June 2019

Democrats America's Left...................from Rico

Delightful. Fucking delightful!
The Democrats (C) in America today are various flavors of "progressive" [read: Communists, Socialists] in 'drag' pretending to be JFK-Truman Democrats.
- They are NOT what Democrats used to be!
Bernie Sanders the Communist who is in Socialist 'drag' and therefore embraced by the DNC just floated his latest Commie turd in the Democratic 2020 punchbowl with his "Economic Bill of Rights" which is verbatim copied from Stalin's 1936 Soviet Constitution.
- Bernie is also spouting that Americans would be "delighted" to PAY MORE TAXES for Democratic Socialism.
It's sad, and pathetic, to observe that:
- Every one of the 2020 Democrats (C) [read: Communist cocksuckers] is "on the same page" with Bernie.
- An electorate who voted for a Communist-Muslim FRAUD twice may well elect another Communist cocksucker.
Well, for all concerned, I have a BIG CUP of Go Fuck Yourselves!

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