Friday 14 June 2019

Democrats & Socialists Are THE Problem, NOT the Solution......................from Rico

Socialism! If everyone cannot be rich, let's all be equally poor (except for the leaders).
While the Lefties bleat ad nauseum about Trump's hair, and/or his eating McDonald's they pointedly IGNORE the collapse of Socialist Venezuela where the lucky citizens of the 'formerly-known-as richest country in Latin America' aka Venezuela are eating out of garbage dumpsters and Communist Cuba has rationed food.
Meanwhile, also ignored (while the Halls of Macadamia are being used to create good little socialists, and the MSM/DNC is calling for more Socialism) is how Americans are spending their money...without the 'help' of an all-knowing and ever-competent government.
- An American that didn't finish High School is far richer than any 'happy socialist worker' anywhere on planet earth.
Bernie, Dyslexia, and the entire Democrat Party (C) want to 'change' all that... 
- Democrats and Socialists are THE problem, NOT the solution!

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