Monday 17 June 2019

Sanctuary County.................from Rico

Tired of the Leftards and their 'sanctuary cities' for illegals along with all the rest of their happy horseshit?
- My NC county has just declared itself a 'sanctuary county' for the Second Amendment [read: guns].
It was always an 'open carry' county, but this brings things to a higher level.
- No Federal agencies, or laws, that infringe upon a citizen's inalienable right to keep and bear arms will be tolerated or complied with by County government or the County Sheriff.
I just "knew" I'd picked the right place when I bought property here years ago, as it had the vibe then (as it does now) "if we wanted any of your liberal shit we'd squeeze you head."

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Howard Johnson said...

I don't like bro andy. He hates President Trump