Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The British Are Still Trapped Three Years After the Epic Mandate................from Dan T

The twenty fourth of June 2019 marked the third anniversary of the great Brexit betrayal and the start of open hostilities between the British people and the treacherous political class who are committed to surrendering the sovereignty that so many died for to a cabal of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Three years after giving the political class the biggest mandate in the history of British democracy the British people are still stuck in the corrupt and failing European Union with no prospect of ever leaving.

Despite all the promises made by the so-called Mother of Parliaments to implement the referendum result, the unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels still have control over Great Britain’s laws, borders, territorial waters and money. Also, the British people are still subject to the European Court of Justice which is superior to their own Supreme Court.  

The Brexit betrayal has not only highlighted the years of treachery by individual law makers but the fanatical dedication of the entire political establishment to the destruction of Great Britain as an independent, self-governing nation and their absolute loyalty to a centrally controlled United States of Europe.

The war between the politicians and the people has been simmering for decades as the unrelenting and irrevocable surrender of sovereignty to the European Union continued unchallenged by most Parliamentarians with the subsequent destruction of the British national identity and way of life.

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