Saturday 8 June 2019

Theresa May Goes Full Merkel and Threatens to Unresign.................from Dan T

The peaceful transfer of power is an essential requirement if democracy is to prevail and civilised societies maintained for future generations. The refusal to relinquish power when their time is up is becoming a worrying development in the civilised world where the losing side are refusing to accept the results of elections and referenda.

Disrespecting or rigging election results and refusing to relinquish power used to be the preserve of communist dictators and military strongmen where democracy had failed to take root, but it is creeping insidiously into the developed western democracies with increasing frequency.

The Democrats in the United States of all places are refusing to accept the result of the 2016 Presidential election and despite a failed coup d'etat are using everything in their power to prevent President Trump from governing.

The supposedly democratic European Union refuses to accept the results of elections or referenda they don’t like either by ignoring them completely or making the people vote again until they get ‘the right result’.     

It didn’t take long after German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, cancelled her resignation because her successor doesn’t meet her expectations that failed British Prime Minister, Theresa May, followed suit citing similar reasons.

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