Wednesday 31 July 2019

Boris Johnson – The Shortest Honeymoon in Political History?.................Dan T

Judging by his announcements since he became the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson has no more idea about the hopes and aspirations of the British people than did his predecessor, Theresa May.

No bumbling bonhomie can disguise the fact that Johnson is just another politician who believes that the ruling elite know best and the wishes of the people can be ignored the instant they get their hands on the levers of power.

His predecessor, Theresa May, deservedly earned the opprobrium of the nation after she attempted to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union with her phony Withdrawal Agreement. The now infamous surrender document. 

With his announcement yesterday that he may keep Great Britain inside the EU customs union and the single market while he negotiates a deal, he is continuing where the hideous Mrs. May left off. 

We've heard about two-year transition periods from Mrs. May and thanks but no thanks, we don't want one.

Johnson knows what we all know; remaining in the customs union and the single market means remaining in the European Union and therefore subject to its laws. It also means continuing to hand over large sums of taxpayer’s money and leaving control over our borders and fishing grounds in the hands of the bureaucrats in Brussels.

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Death of British democracy 2019.