Tuesday 16 July 2019

End the Fed? Why that's crazy................from Rico

Does "END THE FED" sound like a crazy, radical idea to you?
- How about IF you understood that the FED is no more 'federal' than FedEx is?
- How about IF you understood there are no 'reserves?'
How about IF you understood that Federal reserve Notes (FRN's) are only 'redeemable' for other FRN's and nothing else? [remember: The 'old' Treasury Dollars which were redeemable for Silver once upon a time.]
Gawrsh, their HQ building in DC sure 'looks' governmental, doesn't it?
- It's purposely meant to seem that way, to appear as part of the government. It is not.
It's all a SCAM, and beginning in 1913 America has been hoodwinked, lied to, and its pockets picked clean.
TRY THIS ON FOR SIZE. There's a very good reason why no one, but no one, (the Paul's being the exception that proves the rule) will tell you this:
- The FED was created and designed by Mssrs. Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Warburg and Kuhn-Loeb. Any of those names ring a bell?
- The FED is a private 'banker's bank.'
- The FED is owned by banks, and pays dividends on its shares...which are owned ONLY by banks.
= The FED is a private, for profit, bank. They are looking after themselves and NOT YOU, America.
Does "END THE FED" still sound like a crazy, radical idea to you now?

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