Monday 22 July 2019

Meatless? Just because something CAN be done is no reason to DO it..................from Rico

Let them eat...bugs!
- Cake is for the 'important' people [think: TPTB].
Bear in mind that :
- 1. The UN [read: useless nitwits] has gone on record that people should eat bugs...because, to 'save the planet' or some such happy horse shit.
- btw: They [W.H.O.] heartily endorse the 'food pyramid' pushed by the USG [F.D.A. & U.S.D.A]....
2. The 'offishul' USG 'food pyramid' is also a way to feed a lot of people very cheaply, without resorting to eating bugs.
= Neither is a 'healthy' way to eat, or a 'good idea.'
And the latest unhealthy not-a-good-idea is meatless meat! [think: dog food for humans]
Gee...would the UN and the USG lie to you?
- Abso-fucking-lutely! Consider it done. Again.
Now I'm hungry for a Taco...with real 'vaca frita' filling!

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