Monday 22 July 2019

No, Ilhan Omar, just NO....................from Rico

Oblivious, clueless, and dangerous.
- Yeah I'm talking about one delusional Marxist Muslima who Minnesota elected to Congress...Ilhan Omar.
She, and those who support the likes of her, do NOT 'approve of' or 'like' the America most Americans grew up in.
- She...and they...present themselves as the HOPE (remember the last Commie asshole who used that word?) for America. It's just a very different HOPE than actual Americans have.
But go right on ahead Lefturds and listen to the words of a corrupticrat who is guilty of bigamy, marriage fraud, and tax fraud.
- You'll get what you deserve in the end....
PS - Almost forgot...lan astaslem [translation: I Will Not Submit (to Islam)] you Commie bint!

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