Friday 12 July 2019

Omar-Angry Purple-haired Woman..............from Rico

Ill-wind Omar (C-MN) is truly a dumbass. She just called ILLEGALS "undocumented Americans"...
- What part of ILLEGAL does this cvnt not understand? I guess her BA in Political Science from the University of North Dakota included a minor in Stupidity.
Clue for you, you ungrateful Marxist twat: ILLEGALS have NO 'rights'...
But, in all fairness, today's Democrats (C) make absolutely no distinction between their Leftist agenda and reality.
- "They are as unaware of what they do when awake, as they are when they are asleep."
                          - Heraclitus
At least now we know why this angry Marxist vagina wears a head-scarf:
- To hide her purple hair! [rimshot]

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Anonymous said...

North Dakota State not University of North Dakota ....huge difference.