Monday 22 July 2019

Progressive Parasites-1.........

When I look at the "Jihad Squad" I see tapeworms. Muslim tapeworms, Communist tapeworms, but tapeworms in the body of the Constitutional Republic nonetheless.
- Parasites. Progressive parasites.
These poisonous creatures are 'solving' problems that do not exist, and 'answering' questions no sane American has asked.
- Think my 'tapeworm' allegory is harsh? Think pigs then...since there are currently four comprising the 'progressive' squad, let's number them 1,2,3 & 5. They're already running loose in Congress, just keeping busy doing anything except 'representing' the people.
PS - Ilhan Omar's middle name is Abdullahi which is the feminine declension of the Arabic word meaning "slave to Allah"...yeah, that's who she represents and not MN-5 constituents.

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