Tuesday 9 July 2019

Say 'Auf Wiedersehen!' to Deutsche Bank...............from Rico

Deutsche Bank [DB] as the World once knew it is no more. It has ceased to exist.
- DB shareholders seem to have figured-out the bank can never return to profitability without any revenue. Shares are down 5% from low.
Remember the 2007-08 Financial Crisis? That started overseas, too. Watch for the 'derivatives' to take a bite out of everyone's ass next.
- Meanwhile, roughly 20,000 highly-educated elite banking professionals are going away, and these 'smaht guys' will be able to answer this riddle:
           There Is No Joy in Sindelfingen*
Q: What's the difference between an ex-Deutsche Bank employee and a pigeon?
A: A pigeon can leave a deposit on a new Mercedes.
*Sindelfingen is the suburb of Stuttgart where Mercedes is located.

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