Thursday 25 July 2019

She Hates Great Britain But Won't Leave As Promised....................Dan T

If customers in a restaurant or bar were being abused by a hostile clientele one would expect them to leave and find a more convivial establishment therefore the assertion by President Trump that those who hate America are free to leave makes perfect sense.

Intercontinental travel is now accessible to all but the destitute and many countries around the world are increasingly open to migrants so there is no logical reason why anyone would remain in a country led by someone they disapprove of and who's citizens enjoy a way of life they find offensive.

I enjoy looking back to those heady days in 2016 when celebrities and left-wing activists were lining up around the block to announce their departure for pastures new if candidate Donald Trump should win the Presidency.

As I recall, motor mouth actress and supposedly funny comedienne, Whoopie Goldberg, was particularly vocal about leaving as was fellow Hollywood whacko Barbara Streisand. Actor Samuel L. Jackson planned to leave for South Africa while what’s left of the surgically depleted Cher planned to go to another planet.

Across the pond in Great Britain similar sentiments are being voiced should Boris Johnson win the race to succeed the disastrous Theresa May.

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