Tuesday 2 July 2019

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – Angela Merkel Unfit For Office................from Dan T

It has long been the opinion among Merkel watchers that the German Chancellor is mentally unstable with a tendency toward megalomania. A communist party apparatchik and collaborator with the Soviet rulers of East Germany, Angela Merkel, displays all the characteristics of someone addicted to absolute power.

Her fanatical dedication to the domination of Europe using the European Union regardless of the disastrous consequences for the lives of the subject people indicates someone totally lacking in empathy combined with an unhealthy sense of entitlement and personal destiny.

It’s not so much her uncontrollable shaking while trying to stand still during a ceremony with the Ukrainian President that gives cause for concern but her dismissal of it as a mild case of dehydration which was remedied by three glasses of water. (Watch her shaking fit here)

Anyone with experience of dehydration will know that hospitalisation on an intravenous drip for twenty-four to thirty-six hours is necessary not three glasses of water as Chancellor Merkel claimed. This is especially critical for dehydration victims in her age group.

Merkel’s explanation has all the indications of a cover-up to hide a more serious health issue that may call into question her fitness to govern and go some way to explain her past decisions that have proved disastrous not only for the German people but for the entire population of Europe.

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