Wednesday 10 July 2019

You ARE There...................from Rico

Many still remember the 'educational' [read: propaganda] TV series produced by CBS [Commie BS] and hosted by Walter 'the most trusted man in journalism' Cronkite [understand: lying rat-bastard Communist*] called You Are There.
Well, fast-forward and realize that thanks to Leftism, you are now truly there, at the 'intersectionality' (see what I did there 'progressives'?) of 1984-Brave New World-Fahrenheit 451.
Gee, thanks a bunch you assholes!
*Yes, the same jerk who pronounced the 'Tet Offensive' to be a Communist victory in the country formerly known as South Vietnam. The truth and fact of the matter was quite the opposite, like most Communist 'plans' it failed spectacularly. He's right up there on my list with Hanoi Jane Fonda!

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