Thursday 29 August 2019

Omar - What a 'piece' of work..................from Rico

Gee, with Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar it's hard to choose which is worse:
- Marrying your brother
- Wrecking someone else's marriage
- Trying to wreck America
Let's just skip the theft of campaign funds, perjury, and assorted other frauds & felonies and just go with:
- All of the above.
Of course she denies everything [think: Taqqiya and/or CYA] FEC charges, Divorce filings, a Congressional Resolution in the works to expel her from Congress [Art.1, Sec.5, US Constitution] and your obviously lying eyes.
- Now about that SHARIA law this Muslima 'loves like a brother' requiring stoning for marital infidelity...
PS - This is exactly what you get (and should expect) when there is NO attachment to American culture, history, heritage and tradition.
- LIBERALS: Diversity is our Strength [No it is NOT]
- ORWELL 1984: Ignorance is Strength [No it is NOT]
- ME: Enjoy some of that Leftist-beloved "cultural enrichment" and BOHICA...

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