Wednesday 21 August 2019

President Trump Slams Jewish Democrats for 'Great Disloyalty' (VIDEO)

See, "President Trump Blasts Jewish Democrats for 'Great Disloyalty' (VIDEO)."

This is so stupid. Anyone with a brain understands exactly what Trump meant: If you're Jewish and voting Democrat, you're endorsing the vile anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate agenda of the current Democrat Party, exemplified by the "squad." For media elites to turn this into the "dual loyalty" canard is reprehensible, but then, that's the state of partisan politics today.

The story's at the New York Times, of course, "Trump Accuses Jewish Democrats of ‘Great Disloyalty’."

Here's the video, and Caroline Glick's response below:

Also at Memeorandum.

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