Wednesday 28 August 2019

The Jackson-holes see their shadow, QE-4E looms...................from Rico

The Fed's Jackson-holes have seen their shadow and QE-4E (QE Forever) now looms.
The heavily 'managed' [read: suppressed] precious metals shed a light upon QE-to-Eternity.
- This will not end well.
Trump is correct, like 'Old Hickory' was, in both his appraisal of an desire to end the Fed.
- The Fed meanwhile, is impotently lashing back [yes, I refer to that 'tool' Dudley here] by suggesting that it is within their charter to intrude into elections and select Presidents they approve of, and discard those they do not. Sound familiar? Sound like a soon-to-be former political party represented by the jackass?

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Dan Patterson said...

And we abandoned the gold standard, why?