Saturday 10 August 2019

The Truth About White Slavery and The Myth of White Supremacy........................Dan T

David Lammy, the Member of Parliament for the London ghetto of Tottenham, is a vile racist who is totally obsessed with skin colour. He uses his black privilege and the two-tier criminal justice system to make pejorative, anti-white statements about the British people knowing he can get away with it without sanction.

He has incited violence against white people who cannot respond in kind because of his black privilege and the immunity given to him by the two-tier criminal justice system. The once respected protectors of law and order are now dedicated to imposing a politically correct agenda on behalf of the state. This includes shutting down any criticism of Lammy and his supporters with threats of prosecution and even imprisonment.

The following article will be considered as provocative and racist, but it is the truth and an indictment of the police, the media, political establishment and everyone else who allow Lammy to get away with hate speech and incitement to violence without sanction. It is also a challenge to these same people to stop pandering to racists like Lammy by returning the justice system to equality under law and treating Lammy as they would any other racist:

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