Monday 23 September 2019

Bean Burrito's and Taco's for ALL my Climate Shithead Friends...................from Rico

It was quite a few years ago when the lovely and talented songstress Sheryl Crow and her pal Mrs. Larry David were lecturing Americans to 'only use one square/sheet of toilet paper' at a sitting, to 'save the planet' or some such ludicrous thing.
- This is merely to illustrate that the bat-shit crazy in Hollyweird and among the collective Left has been around for a long time now.
As this smug, well-intended, Climate Change protester demonstrates recently with her equally clever-yet-clueless sign [attached].
- Use less paper? Oh for fuck's sake! We need to encourage positive things, like paper products that derive from renewable...not just sustainable...things like TREES (which also create oxygen for us to breath from that -gasp- eeeevil carbon dioxide via a process called photosynthesis).
The next time I'm dealing with the aftermath of a bean burrito or a hot taco session, one square/sheet of toilet paper ain't gonna 'git 'er done I ga.ron.tee you, 'ya dumbasses!

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