Saturday 21 September 2019

'Climate Scam' Unmasked...............from Rico

"Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to completely make the crisis up."
                       Leftist aka Democrat Playbook
'Climate Change' the Democrat party, is just another Leftist scam* and both are merely Socialism in Drag.
The current climate hysteria has NOTHING to do with the climate and everything to do with suckering the naive, gullible, and stupid into accepting Leftist control. 
When you unmask Al Gore's recent replacement, Greta of the Climate Cult, you find the usual Leftist culprits up to their same filthy tricks.
- Like Marxism/Communism itself, this has been a multi-dimensional long-con that's virtually identical to a 'Masoyashi Scheme' [read: a sophisticated Ponzi scheme]...
*Think: Complete frauds like Trayvon, Feguson, Charlottesville ad nauseum (it's a long list of Leftist-$ponsored BS).

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