Monday 23 September 2019

Democrats: Dumbasses and Communists...............from Rico

Today's letter is [D] for Democrat.
- Rep Jerry Nadler-D, took a pause from his unhealthy "Impeach Trump" fixation to jump on the Climate Change' bandwagon, saying:
   "Climate Change" is a bigger threat than World War"
   "the planet will be reduced to bacteria and maybe a                                  few plants"
PROVING that (a) even stumps have the power of speech, if not cognition, (b) he is a typical example of one of the Democrat members of Congress spending Americans' tax dollars, (c) you have to be dumb-as-a-stump to swallow this Climate Change malarky, and (d)  believe that Socialism-Communism is the answer to anything.



The problem is, a lot of them DO believe it... and worse, ask yourself: if they do believe it, what would they NOT do to stop it?

grayjohn said...

Nadlers head looks like ZARDOZ