Friday 27 September 2019

It's no longer 'education'..................from Rico

Have you been paying any attention to the 'RedforEd' [let me break it own, because the Lefty 'journos' like to jam the words together to confuse lazy readers and non-thinkers]...RED for ED?
- Let that sink in for one moment. These Socialist assholes are being very open about who they are, and where they are coming from.
Thanks to the Socialist Left, 'education' is no is now 'indoctrination.' Socialist indoctrination.
- In a word: BRAINWASHING.
Not content with ONE Commie twinkletoes asshole [think: Obama nee' Soetoro], they intend to create millions of them...

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Anonymous said...

Our educators have not "failed".

Hell, they have succeeded far beyond their wildest dreams!!!! When the socialists and communists started taking over the public and college education systems back in the 1960's, their goal was to indoctrinate our young people in their evil and hate-filled destructive ways!!! And they are almost totally there!!!!!