Sunday 22 September 2019

The Climate Commie Con...............from Rico

It's not really all that hard to figure out, but many haven't yet.
- Climate (insert the whine du jour) is a Communist CON.
Seriously, only Leftards are disingenuous [read: stupid, clueless] enough to try and make WEATHER their Trojan Horse for Socialist control of the masses.
- C'mon!
Connect some dots:
- Antifa (anti fascist) is openly Communist.
- Look at Democracy being blamed for a flaming world on this Climate Schnook's protest sign.
- Here is St Greta of the Climate Change Cult in her anti fascist shirt. [Do you think her much-publicized meeting* with that Communist twinkletoes Barry Soetoro was coincidental?]
*You had to be quick, but the aired video of their meeting showed a large Socialist 'raised fist' decorating Barry's wall. That's a clue even the 'clueless' should not have missed.
Buy WHY NOT listen to the Lefties who so obviously are smarter than you are (just ask 'em, they'll tell 'ya)?
- You know the ones who want to BAN RIFLES because they cause deaths, while defending ABORTION as a right. yeah, those shmendricks. [attached germane]

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