Friday 27 September 2019

Time to take "The 10 Steps" Democrats..............from Rico

Because, unlike today's closed and narrow-minded Leftists, I really do believe in (a) freedom of choice and thought, (b) hearing and/or expressing differing opinions, and (c) NOT stupidly and blindly toeing the 'party line' the 'bolded' at the bottom in YOUR choice of voices:
- Frank Sinatra [One More for the Road]
         "the torch that I found
          it's gotta be drowned or it will explode
          so, make it one more for the road"
- DIO [Nice day for a crucifixion]
          "Nice day for an execution
           Another wrong conclusion
           But somebody's got to pay"
- Monty Python [Holy Grail]
           "Burn the witch!"
- Mine [channeling my inner Patton]
            "The Democrats are fucked!"
NOW scroll down and read the following:
"Hi' I'm a Democrat and I'm an impeachaholic."

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