Wednesday 25 September 2019

Trans-Atlantic Coup 2.0?...............from Rico

The Globalists, angry and desperate that people actually voted for BREXIT in the UK, and Trump over Hillary in the US have just said a BIG F.U. to the 'little people.'
- Elections? They don't matter when there is Rule by Men, and no longer Rule by Law.
1. The UK's Supreme Court just trashed over 300 years of constitutional process by seizing power and stepping between the Government and Parliament.
2. The Democrats in the US are pursuing impeachment* of Trump for (a) having the audacity to do his job, predicated upon political hearsay accusing him of doing (b) what Joe Biden ACTUALLY DID, and bragged about it. 

*Don't believe they wouldn't try this if they didn't 'think' they had the votes in both the House and Senate...this has been their wet dream fantasy since 2016.
3. The FED has been bailing-out banks nightly for $65-75 billion (it just soared to $105 billion today) with NO explanation WHY yet forthcoming.
You should have been more careful in what you wished for, you Globalist/Communist assholes!
Let justice be done, though the heavens may fall.

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