Wednesday 2 October 2019

For Their NEXT Desperate Act...............from Rico

While you are being distracted and mis-directed by completely absurd BS "news" like Greta, Ukraine-gate [read: Russian Collusion 2.0], are intended to entirely 'miss' this.
                    Put down any sharp objects.
                Swallow, and take a deep breath.
                       You have been warned.
                              OK, continue...
The latest Deep State effort to "impeach" Trump, overtly Democrat-led and quietly fed by remnants of Brennan's CIA (all Communist assholes btw) will FAIL.
- It is already failing, since it is fatally flawed as a fairy-tale like all previous enpeach efforts were.
In desperation [think: cornered rats], a Kamikaze Attack is being readied right now. This is so wrong, and so BAD, in so many ways...and it's coming:
                            HILLARY 2020


edutcher said...

This just keeps getting better.

Billll said...

If we see a Warren/Clinton ticket, you can be sure no one will write Warren a life insurance policy.