Tuesday 8 October 2019

It WAS Called "Due Process"...............from Rico

Once upon a time, a person was presumed innocent until proven guilty. This was called DUE PROCESS in the long tradition of Anglo-Saxon law, and was a cornerstone of American Liberty.....
- Until Lenin, Stalin, and Obama's fellow Communist & Muslim John Brennan was live on TV's MSDNC....er, MSNBC and displayed more balls than brains by saying this:
    "people are innocent until alleged to be involved in         some type of criminal activity" 
[read: Disagree with the Left, and then you are guilty until proven innocent; we will hang you on allegations comrade, then have a trial...maybe, maybe not.]
This is exactly the mindset that prevails today among America's Left.
- They intend to take you on the infamous KGB 'one-way walk' from your planned cell down the hallway to a room you will never reach...

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