Monday 30 March 2020

Democrat Blue Virus...................from Rico

The current American 'state of siege' [read: Democrat-induced economic coma] aka one-size-fits-all 'solution' needs to end soon.
- Never shy about "not letting a good crisis go to waste" to further their agenda, we have seen dick-tatorial orders [read: neo-martial law] where they hold local sway. Add-in $2 trillion in welfare, and we have a Socialist gulag.
Ask: Whatever happened to Constitutional rights?
- I agree with Ron Paul that "...the greatest danger is the government's overreaction." [and let me add: over-reach].
This is about as far from the vision of the Founding Fathers as I've seen it get...and it is eerily close to the wet-dream of Socialists [read: Democrats].
- Socialism is more dangerous than coronavirus.
- Democrats are all Socialists now. [read: Blue Virus]
Pro-tip: Forget all about MRE's (meals, ready to eat), what the Donk's have are PRY (plans ready for you).

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