Sunday 29 March 2020

Some Corona Virus Considerations....................from Rico

1. What if the 'models' being used are wrong?
- Remember Y2K? Yeah, that was a non-event hyped by the 'experts' that fizzled because their 'models' were flawed.
- Climate? Yeah, those wild claims were based upon flawed models too. Some of them purposely fiddled to serve an agenda.
- Now we have 'Corona Virus' based upon some flawed models, I suspect some of them purposely fiddled to serve an agenda. Note that the "Diamond Princess" along with Germany, Japan, and South Korea (and Taiwan? I haven't checked them recently) ALL have Corona Virus mortality rates under 1%.
= The same old shit, for the same reason.
2. What if we are purposely being conned?
- Pelosi and Clyburn (Democrats, btw) almost gave the game away. "Tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision." [Yeah, and we know what that 'vision' is, too you Commie rat-bastards....the same 'fundamental transformation' of America into a Socialist paradise that Obama and his crew tried.]
- Not that the Democrats and their MSM comrades would lie and/or purposely hype something to stoke fear & panic for their political purposes.
3. There are NO 'coincidences.'
- Have you noticed that the locations where the Corona Virus is allegedly the most dramatic crisis just happen to be identical to the counties Hillary carried in 2016?
- It's the same with where Local governments, Mayors, Governors are presently trying to out-stupid one another with dick.tator-like restrictions on freedom of movement, assembly, gun ownership, etc...think of all the Leftist 'wet dreams' for controlling everyone else, and that overlaps the map referenced above. This is enemy action.
- The justifications are the same. "if it saves the elderly from COVID-19" is a twist on the Left's staple "if just one life is saved."
- Are their intentions the same as well? Namely that many of these measures being taken are meant to outlast the 'pandemic?'
= The Beer Virus is really a Blue Virus.

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Nelson said...

Y2K was a "non-event" beause programmers spent millions of man-hours to make it a non-event. It doesn't really fit with the others.