Monday 23 March 2020

We're Democrats, and we're here to help!...........................from Rico

15 days?
- Look over Trump's shoulder and see where that 15-days comes from?
I think Trump really is trying to do the right thing by America. The Democrats, not at all...
- The Left is busy running a 'mystery science theater' on Trump. That is all they're trying to do. Well that, and pushing for more GOVERNMENT because that will help.
Meanwhile, tremendous collateral damage has already been done to our society and economy...not to mention the temporary loss of personal autonomy.
- Q: And what do the 'usual suspects' want?
- A: To remove...permanently...our civil liberties.
Why? Because Democrats are here to help!

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Anonymous said...

The uncivilized and immoral are worried that people will get sick. The rest of us are worried for our republic if the uncivilized and immoral ever get elected to power again.