Thursday 19 March 2020

WuFlu - Corona virus OR Control Virus? Some reminders.........................from Rico

It is NOT an unfair question to ask, especially since the 'usual suspects' who were Clintonistas, Obamunists, and are all control freak Communists are merrily leading the charge to wipe their asses with the Constitution after shitting on what's left of our liberties.
- What 9-11 didn't accomplish, and Climate Hysteria couldn't is this corona-control virus THE big reminder from the powers who shouldn't be in charge? 
Is the only extant reality that (a) the TPTB are reminding the little people who is still in charge here, and/or (b) how my we 'need' them to lead us?
Most of us who have a DD-214 will understand my personal "social distancing card' [attached].
- Remember this: Gunsmoke Cures Control Virus, and real magazines have curves.

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Matthew Wall said...

Chinese syndicates are using Chinese Nationals in Australia to strip supermarkets of non perishable food products and ship them back to China. They are going out into the country with busses and trailers are hitting country town shops. Nice people hey.