Sunday 22 March 2020

WuFlu - the numbers....................from Rico

The Socialist douchebags are 'hyping' the 'crisis' and ....well, it simply beggars belief. It's also over the top and overdone, which is the typical Lefty pattern....they push things too far.
- The usual suspects are in full hue and cry 'we're all gonna die' in a disingenuous reprise of the Climate Hoax.
With 330 million people in the US, the alleged 'cases' of WuFlu numbering 14,366 (and counting) is what? .0002% of the total population?
- Assuming the death number of 115 and counting is accurate and not 'padded' and/or explained by other-than-WuFlu causes, that's less than 2% of the .0002%.
This smells like the perfect gambit [read: heads I win, tails you lose] to get people to voluntarily suspend their liberties in exchange for 'saaaafety' from an imaginary boogeyman.

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