Friday 17 April 2020

AMF Land O' Lakes.....................from Rico

Goodbye Land O' Lakes. You had a good run, 92 years is good by any objective standard...but you went and did it. You committed PC-hari kari and are dropping the Indian Woman from your packaging.
Well, see 'ya! Wouldn't wanna be 'ya!
There are other brands of butter to buy, and I'll buy one of them from now on. Bye! And AMF too!


YrogerG said...

Wow! It took them 92 years to discover that kids were altering and
folding the picture of the Indian maid to see her boobies. It was a
great run and great fun!

Ken Mitchell said...

Challenge Butter, with a stag logo, tastes better anyway.

Bib Dohd said...

Well, as kid they usdd ti showbthe whole indian, kneelibg diwn, holding a tray of butter. If you cut out the knees and put them over the tray it looked like she was holdingbher boobs. Hey, don't blame me, this was pre internet, we had ti do what we could

Rickvid in the Yakima Valley said...

Ah, yes, let's eradicate the culture and memory of the American Indian completely! Reminds me of something else. Hmm, eradicating a culture. What could it have been?