Saturday 18 April 2020

Breaking News from the NE People's Democratic Alliance..................from Rico

Komissar Cuomo has decided that FNY will remain CLOSED until May 15th.
He has also led the effort among his fellow Kommisars in CT, DE, MA, NJ, PA, and RI in determining that it's in the best interests of its citizens to suspend their individual rights until they permit them again.
All subjects of the NE People's Democratic Alliance are now subject to arbitrary rules on business ownership, property rights, contract terms, movement, and freedom of assembly.
Unsurprisingly, these petty tyrants are all DEMOCRATS.
- Remember to thank them at election time for bringing America full-circle to a time before 1776...

1 comment:

Mark Matis said...

Cuomo understands that New York is run by the tribe.

He is merely doing what THEY want.