Friday 10 April 2020

Experts OR Useful Idiots?......................from Rico

Fake News? [America's MSM]
Fake Science? [Climate Change]
- How about Fake Experts?
Churchill had it right when he observed that 'experts' should always be on tap, but never be on top.
What if you're expertise is being a bureaucrat with thirty years of bureaucratic experience? We now have two expert bureaucrats in control of the US economy.
- MA's in FAIL
Consider that these two know EXACTLY what they are doing. [context: the cloud people hate the dirt people].
- You can know them by the company they keep. [attached: Fauci with some of HIS friends, none of whom are YOUR friends.]


Anonymous said...

Do you know the what the correct definition of an EXPSERT is?
An Ex is a has been ,and a spert is a drip under pressure

Jay Dee said...

I use the term "idiot signalling" as in someone is signalling that they are a really, really useful idiot.