Wednesday 20 May 2020

Politically Correct British Cops Make Asses of Themselves......................DT

With the continued Wuhan virus hysteria and lockdown rebellion stories dominating the media it is gratifying to know that normal life is continuing especially where the modernized British police ‘service’ is concerned.

Like all other public institutions, the police force of old has been politicized by the ‘progressive’ ruling class who have put the imposition of political correctness above protecting and serving the public.

Recent antics have brought ridicule down on their heads and turned the police force into a laughingstock which has sadly resulted in a loss of the respect it once enjoyed.
If we thought that spending valuable resources monitoring Twitter and other social media platforms for possible ‘hate speech’ was political correctness gone crazy, then launching a ‘sexual assault’ appeal after a lorry driver kissed a 70 year old woman on the cheek for helping him navigate under a low bridge is beyond ridicule.

With a complete lack of self-awareness this is exactly what the local constabulary in Derbyshire is doing.

It is worth repeating that the Derbyshire police 'service' have launched an appeal to track down a lorry driver who gave an elderly lady a peck on the cheek as thanks for helping him navigate under a low bridge. (Check it out here)

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Bill said...

We like to watch British shows, don't ask me why, maybe my 34% DNA. Anyway, we started a show called Cuffs. I can't watch it any more, after the first episode. My gosh. What happened to the land that Sir Robert Peel introduced the system of modern policing to? I was a cop here in California back in the 70's and 80's. Sure there was some things, well lots of things, that we did that wouldn't fly today with body cams. We definitely kicked ass and took names, but criminie, there is no way I would do what those "guys" do. May as well castrate 'em,tie their hands behind their backs, and send them out.

Gyro Cadiz said...

The poor woman!

Obviously, her vibrator was in, on and connected to the mains when it shorted out!

Matthew Wall said...

British cops were once the best in the world. Like their military, schools, hospitals etc. Bobbies on bicycles.

Sad how women get involved and "improve things".