Monday 29 June 2020

Second Lockdown or Stupid Redux..................................from Rico

The beatings WILL continue until your attitude improves.
Be honest.
- The LEFT [read: Democrats] are desperate, they have nothing left (pardon the pun), and they are emotionally incontinent.
- You have obviously NOT been cowed-coerced-controlled enough.
Our self-selected 'elites' will apparently NOT allow us to live freely and pursue happiness...if there is the slightest opportunity to make us all their dependents.
It would be wise to have your beans-bullets-bandaids replenished/resupplied NOW before the next 'wave' of BS hits.
When in doubt, you can choose FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE...or to run about in panic, scream and shout.

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Bill589 said...

Virus go through masks as air does….
I agree with those who say a mask now is more a symbol of political submission than safety. Like a red Nazi armband, it creates an illusion of uniformity, and isolates dissenters.

Socialism repeats itself, yet again. One reason true history is not taught in our schools anymore. For socialism to start there must be “useful idiots.”
I pray that enough Americans are not quite the idiots the wannabee tyrants think we are.