Sunday 19 July 2020

Why screw around?......................from Rico

The 'belt coin purse' isn't much use when an artificial 'coin shortage' happens, like it is right now.
If you need something on your belt, it should be able to deliver several rounds of Hornady 'Critical Defense'...
Call it the "Indiana Jones" solution (I know you remember THAT giant moron with a sword scene).


Drew458 said...

Um, no thanks. this thing is beyond totally gay. I'm not walking around with what looks like a deflated dick on my belt. Like barbarians with scalps, you've gotta be mega-queer to keep the "wore him out" trophy.

Plus, slappers are still illegal, even though you can CCW most everywhere, and many states are decriminalizing switchblades, given that modern speed opening knives are just as fast.

Rich said...

Shouldn't that be called a "blackjack" or is that racist now?