Wednesday 5 August 2020

Significant Economic "tells".....................from Rico

Poker players can spot the "tells" in other players, and sailboats have "tell tales" on their masts to indicate the actual wind direction as opposed to the 'wind of apparent motion' while sailing.
Here are a couple significant economic "tells" that the FTV and MSM large-titted teleprompter readers are oblivious to, as is the public.
Banks have just posted a yuge Cash Only - No Credit sign.
- Need an auto loan?
- Need a mortgage?
The TBTF banks are effectively saying they expect a loan default tsunami coupled with a full-blown depression that will wipe out any assets pledged as collateral to their loans.
- After a disastrous lock-down crippled economies, businesses, and put millions out of work they see rough weather ahead and have battened down their hatches [read: made significant loan loss provisions and tightened lending standards; attached germane].

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