Friday 21 August 2020

The War of Words Is Over...............from Dan Friedman


Biting remarks, clever ripostes, cutting rejoinders, bon mots, cheap shots, think tank reports, wishful thinking, executive summaries, televised debates, closed-door hearings, FISA courts, campaign speeches, shouting matches, annoying emails, clickbait, pressers, self-fulfilling prophecies, bad calls, appeals to reason, requests for donations, impassioned pleas, puff pieces, bluster, bombast, negative campaigning, hard-hitting ads, loaded questions, finger-pointing, first principles, last hurrahs, blatant propaganda, Senate stalemates, tell-all memoirs, dirty tricks, expert panels, Sunday sermons, Friday prayers, dialogues, smoke and mirrors, photo finishes, predictable arguments, Papal decrees, rabbis' opinions, conspiracy theories,  broken promises, political posturing, trial balloons, hard facts, skewed results, swan songs, op-eds, false narratives, grand illusions, empty gestures, expert testimony, online subscriptions, meaningful arguments, heartfelt condolences, lasting memorials, appellate decisions, split verdicts, the long and the short of it ... all go into a blazing bonfire on 11/3/20. Ashes.

On 11/4/20 reality takes over and we'll know what we're left with: Four years of the devil we know, or civil war. A nation whose people show up armed to the teeth in front of a statehouse to "protest" protective measures during a once-in-a-lifetime plague is not likely to sit still for a crypto-fascist government led by an empty vessel. It's our choice. Pray that we make the right one. And G-d help us if we don't.


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edutcher said...

Hardly the devil.